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ID # 19009403

Ferris - Pathfinder™ FS2100 Ride-On Spreader/Sprayer

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The Pathfinder™ FS2100 is a rugged ride-on spreader/sprayer that releases both dry and liquid material. The spray system allows two settings, a 3' trim setting and a 10' broadcast spray for use in a variety of applications. A 100% stainless steel frame and coated Peerless transaxle resist corrosive chemicals for added life. Its narrow width of only 35.5" allows for easy access through gates for residential areas and condominium complexes.

Sale Type
Ferris Mowers
Full Speed: 3750 RPM (No load) Idle: 1400 RPM
Broadcast: Turbo FloodJet TF-VS5 Trim: Turbo TeeJet TT11004VP
Fuel Type
Regular unleaded gasoline, 87 octane or higher
Spray Pump
2.0 gpm mechanically driven diaphragm pump
Spray Rate
Adjustable from 1/4 to 1/2 gallon per thousand square feet
Front Tires
18 x 9.5 - 8, RV antifreeze added for ballast and traction
Speed (mph)
Low Gear: 3.5 mph (5.6 km/hr) High Gear: 5.0 mph (8.0 km/hr)
Rear Tires
13 x 6.50 - 6
Engine Brand
Honda® GX200-URH2
Engine Model
Spreader Model
Spyker 120 Series
Safety Interlock
This machine is equipped with a neutral safety start module. To start the engine, the transmission must be in the neutral (N) position.
Transmission Model
Peerless 855 Series, coated for corrosion resistance
Fuel Shut-Off Valve
Located on engine and below tank
Accessories Warranty
Standard: 1 year Rental: 90 days
Dry Weight - Lbs (kg)
420 (190)
Full Weight - Lbs (kg)
640 (290)
Fuel Capacity - Gal (L)
2.5 (9.5)
Overall Width - In. (cm)
35.5 (90)
Overall Height - In. (cm)
49.0 (124)
Overall Length - In. (cm)
54.0 (137)
Spreader Hopper Capacity (lbs.)
Sprayer Tank Capacity - Gal (L)
12.0 (45.4)
Belts, Tires, Brake Pads, Hoses, Battery Warranty
Standard: 90 days Rental: 90 days

Ferris Pathfinder™ FS2100 Ride On Spreader/Sprayer 100 lbs. Spyker Hopper

The Pathfinder™ FS2100 hopper will handle up to 100 lbs. of granular material providing over one acre of maximum coverage.

Ferris Pathfinder™ FS2100 Ride On Spreader/Sprayer 12 Gallons of Liquid Capacity

Covers a maximum of 1.2 acres between fill-ups.

Ferris Pathfinder™ FS2100 Ride On Spreader/Sprayer Selectable Spray Width

The Pathfinder™ FS2100 allows the operator to select between two spray widths. A 3' spray width is perfect for trim applications and narrow spaces. A 10' broadcast spray is used for wide open spaces.

Ferris Pathfinder™ FS2100 Ride On Spreader/Sprayer 100% Stainless Steel Frame

Stainless steel resists corrosion from the granular and liquid chemicals distributed by the unit.

Ferris Pathfinder™ FS2100 Ride On Spreader/Sprayer Best-in-Class Maneuverability

A low-friction sulky pivots on a ¾” tapered roller bearing for smooth movement. No mechanical steering assistance is required.


Ferris Pathfinder™ FS2100 Ride On Spreader/Sprayer SALT SPREADER BAFFLE

Allows the Pathfinder™ FS2100 to spread salt to extend seasonal use. Not to be used with rock salt.

Ferris Pathfinder™ FS2100 Ride On Spreader/Sprayer SPARE PARTS KIT

A convenient package of high-wear parts that allow for fast service and maintenance.

Ferris Pathfinder™ FS2100 Ride On Spreader/Sprayer SPRAY WAND

Spray wand attachment taps into the liquid tank for spot treatment of trouble spots or gardens.

Ferris Pathfinder™ FS2100 Ride On Spreader/Sprayer SPRAY BAR

Spray bar attachment converts the central spray nozzle on the Pathfinder™ FS2100 into three spray points.