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ID # 19009489

kioti KL5521

Call for Price

Fits all DK10SE Series Cab Models.(DK4210SE HC, DK4710SE HC, DK5310 HC, DK6010SE HC) The KIOTI KL5521 front end loader is specifically designed for the Cab models of the DK10SE Series. The KIOTI loader, with a built-in parking stand, is designed to be quickly and easily attached and detached. KL Series loaders utilize the tractor’s hydraulic system, feature single-lever control with float and come with a bucket level indicator. *Specifications may vary with tractor model, front axle configurations, tire size option and type of attachment and are subject to change without notification.

Standard Features

  • Contoured design complements tractor styling.
  • Low profile design maximizes operator's visibility.
  • Designed to be quickly and easily attached and detached.
  • A built-in parking stand on the front end loader provides quick and easy connection.
  • Mid-mount style frame for engine accessibility.
  • A bucket level indicator is standard.
  • Color complements KIOTI tractor.
Sale Type
Maximum Lift Height to Pivot Pin 107.7 in. (2,735 mm)
Clearance w/ Bucket Level 96.3 in. (2,446 mm)
Clearance w/ Bucket Dumped 78.8 in. (2,001 mm)
Reach at Maximum Height (45º) 22.7 in. (576 mm)
Maximum Dump Angle 46º
Reach w/ Bucket on Ground 71.1 in. (1806 mm)
Maximum Rollback Angle 41º
Digging Depth Below Grade 8.6 in. (218 mm)
Overall Height in Carry Position 54 in. (1371 mm)
Bucket Depth (Inner Shell) 18.5 in. (470 mm)
Bucket Height 22 in. (560 mm)
Bucket Length (Pivot Pin) 26 in. (660 mm)
Lift Capacity to Full Height at Pivot Pins 2,474 lbs. (1,122 kg)
Breakout Force at Pivot Pins 3,895 lbs. (1,767 kg)
Bucket Rollback Force at Ground Line 3,148 lbs. (1,428 kg)
Relief Valve Setting (Loader Control Valve) 2,774 psi (195 kg/cm²)
Rated Flow (Tractor System) 9.62 gpm (36.4 L/min)
Bucket Size(s) Available 66" QA / 72" QA
Bucket Capacity (Heaped) 66 in.: 14.5 cu. ft. / 72 in.: 16.0 cu. ft.
Approximate Weight (With Bucket) 66 in.: 1,361 lbs. (617 kg) / 72 in.: 1,389 lbs. (630 kg)
application chart
  SL2410 KL2610 KL6010 KL7320 KL2510 KL4010 KL5510
MECHRON® 2200              
NX4510     checkmark        
NX5010 HST Cab     checkmark        
NX4510 HST     checkmark        
NX6010 HST Cab     checkmark        
NX6010 HST     checkmark        
NX4510 Cab     checkmark        
NX4510 HST Cab     checkmark        
NX5010     checkmark        
NX5010 Cab     checkmark        
NX5010 HST     checkmark        
NX5510 Cab     checkmark        
NX5510 HST Cab     checkmark        
NX5510 HST     checkmark        
NX5510     checkmark        
RX6620       checkmark      
RX6620 Cab       checkmark      
RX6620 Powershuttle       checkmark      
RX6620 Powershuttle Cab       checkmark      
RX7320       checkmark      
RX7320 Cab       checkmark      
RX7320 Powershuttle       checkmark      
RX7320 Powershuttle Cab       checkmark      
RX7320 PCC       checkmark      
MECHRON® 2240              
MECHRON® 2200PS              
DK5510             checkmark
DK5010             checkmark
DK4510             checkmark
CK3510           checkmark  
CK4010           checkmark  
CK4010HST           checkmark  
CK3510HST           checkmark  
CK2610   checkmark          
CK2610 HST   checkmark          
CS2510 checkmark            
CS2210 checkmark            
CK4010SE HST Cab              
CK3510SE HST Cab              
K9 2400              
CK4010SE           checkmark  
CK4010SE HST           checkmark  
CK3510SE HST           checkmark  
DK4210SE HST              
DK4210SE HST Cab              
DK4710SE HST              
DK4710SE HST Cab              
DK5310SE HST              
DK5310SE HST Cab              
DK6010SE HST              
DK6010SE HST Cab               
K9 2440              
CX2510         checkmark    
CK2610SE HST Cab              
CX2510 HST         checkmark    
CK3510SE           checkmark  
  KL1153 KL4020 KL4030 KL5520 KL5521 SL2420
MECHRON® 2200            
NX5010 HST Cab            
NX4510 HST            
NX6010 HST Cab            
NX6010 HST            
NX4510 Cab            
NX4510 HST Cab            
NX5010 Cab            
NX5010 HST            
NX5510 Cab            
NX5510 HST Cab            
NX5510 HST            
RX6620 Cab            
RX6620 Powershuttle            
RX6620 Powershuttle Cab            
RX7320 Cab            
RX7320 Powershuttle            
RX7320 Powershuttle Cab            
RX7320 PCC            
MECHRON® 2240            
MECHRON® 2200PS            
DK5510       checkmark    
DK5010       checkmark    
DK4510       checkmark    
CK3510     checkmark      
CK4010     checkmark      
CK4010HST     checkmark      
CK3510HST     checkmark      
CK2610     checkmark      
CK2610 HST     checkmark      
PX9530PC checkmark          
PX1053PC checkmark          
PX1153PC checkmark          
CK4010SE HST Cab   checkmark checkmark      
CK3510SE HST Cab   checkmark checkmark      
K9 2400            
CK4010SE   checkmark checkmark      
CK4010SE HST   checkmark checkmark      
CK3510SE HST   checkmark checkmark      
DK4210SE HST       checkmark    
DK4210SE HST Cab         checkmark  
DK4710SE HST       checkmark    
DK4710SE HST Cab         checkmark  
DK5310SE HST       checkmark    
DK5310SE HST Cab         checkmark  
DK6010SE HST       checkmark    
DK6010SE HST Cab         checkmark  
K9 2440            
CK2610SE HST Cab     checkmark      
CX2510 HST            
CK3510SE   checkmark checkmark      
CS2520           checkmark
CS2220           checkmark