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ID # 19009500

kioti Flexwing Finish Mowers

Call for Price

The new KIOTI Flexwing Finish Mowers offer a cutting width of up to 17 feet, making them perfect for working in the field.

Specifications and design are subject to change without notification


Flexwing Finish Mowers
Sale Type


Model WM20150 WM40144 WM40180
Product Description Standard-Duty 150" Flexwing Finish Mower Heavy-Duty 144" Flexwing Finish Mower Heavy-Duty 180" Flexwing Finish Mower
Tractor PTO Range (hp) 25-60 30-80 35-80
Input Driveline (Constant Velocity) Category 3 Category 4 Category 4
Wing Drivelines Category 3 Category 3 Category 3
Cutting Width (ft.) 12.5 12 15
Cutting Height Range (in.) 1 - 4.5 1 - 5 1 - 5
Wing Deck Cutting Width (in.) 54 48.5 60
Deck Overlap 6.15 6.5 6
Overall Width (in.) 151 146 182
Transport Width (in.) 93 96 100
Maximum Overall Length (in.) 135 173 183
Transport Length (in.) 126 158 161
Splitter Gearbox (hp) 100 100 100
Blade Tip Speed (fpm) 16,200 18,000 18,000
Drive Type Gearbox Over V-Belt Gearbox Over V-Belt Gearbox Over V-Belt
Transport Tires (in.) (Two tires each) 20 x 8 20.5 x 8-10 20.5 x 8-10
Tires Highway Transport Highway Transport Highway Transport
Caster Wheel Bearings Power Metal Brushing Tapered Roller Bearings Tapered Roller Bearings
Caster Wheels (in.) (10 each) 4 X 10 Solid 15 X 6-6 Pneumatic 18 X 9.5-8 Pneumatic
Deck Thickness 10 Gauge Steel Plate 8 Gauge 8 Gauge
Wing Deck Lift Cylinders (in.) 3 X 10 Single Acting 3.5 X 10 Single Acting 3.5 X 10 Single Acting
Center Deck Lift Cylinders (in.) 3 X 8 Single Acting 3 X 8 Single Acting 3 X 8 Single Acting
Trailer Frame Construction (in.) .25 Wall Tubing .25 Wall Tubing .25 Wall Tubing
Hitch Adjustment Clevis, Multi-Position Floating Clevis, Multi-Position Floating Clevis, Multi-Position
Blade Spindles Bearings Greasable Ball Bearings Greasable Tapered Roller Greasable Tapered Roller
Blade Dimensions (in.) (9 each) .25 x 2.5 .25 x 2.5 .25 x 2.5
Blade Spindles (9 each) Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron
Cutting Height Adjustment Spacer On Caster Spacer On Caster Spacer On Caster
Belts B-Section Kevlar® B-Section Kevlar® B-Section Kevlar®
Belt Adjustment Spring-Loaded Idler Spring-Loaded Idler Spring-Loaded Idler
Chain Shielding Standard Standard Standard
Approxiamte Weight (lb.) 2,035 - 2,053* 3,000 3,325