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ID # 19009633

Walker Mowers C19

Call for Price
The S18 continues to build on the Model S platform with an 18 HP engine and Walker’s patented Grass Handling System with Thru-Shaft PTO. It is faster and more powerful, and with reduced weight, the S18 is designed to be productive and efficient. Able to run 36 to 56 inch decks, the S18 is the perfect choice for residential properties, gated yards, and demanding customers.

A durable design combined with a proven Kohler Command Pro CH620 engine, the C19 provides agility, maneuverability, and high-capacity mowing. It is a popular machine for commercial operators getting started in high-end property maintenance.


Sale Type
Walker Mowers
6 Collection, 7 Discharge, 4 Mulching
19 HP
Key Attributes
Compact, Agile, Balance
Standard Options
18 x 8.5-10 Turf Tire
Ideal Application
Residential Properties, Commercial Properties
c19 comparison





Engine Kohler CH620 Kohler ECH630 Kohler CH680 Kohler CH620
Fuel System Carb EFI Carb Carb
Cooling System Air Air Air Air
Displacement 674 cc (41.1 cu. in.) cc 694 cc (42.4 cu. in.) cc 674 cc (41.1 cu. in.) cc 674 cc (41.1 cu. in.) cc
Max Power 19 HP @ 3600 RPM 19 HP @ 3600 RPM 22.5 HP @ 3600 RPM 19 HP @ 3600 RPM
Max Torque 35 ft-lbs 34.2 ft-lbs 36.6 ft-lbs 35 ft-lbs
Fuel Capacity 4 gal (15.1 liter) 4 gal (15.1 liter) 4.7 gal (17.8 liter) 4 gal (15.1 liter)
Grass Handling Collection Collection Collection Collection
Seat Standard Seat Standard Seat Comfort Seat Standard Seat
Tires 18 x 8.5-10 Turf Tire 18 x 8.5-10 Turf Tire 18 x 9.5-8 Turf Tire 18 x 8.5-10 Turf Tire
Weight 734 lbs (333 kg)[1]
925 lbs (419.5 kg)[2]
739 lbs (335 kg)[1]
930 lbs (421.5 kg)[2]
790 lbs (358 kg)[1]
1009 lbs (458 kg)[3]
583 lbs (264 kg)[1]
789 lbs (358 kg)[4]
Dimensions 47.5 in (121 cm)" H x 43.25 in (110 cm)" W x 89.25 in (226.5 cm)" L[2] 47.5 in (121 cm)" H x 43.25 in (110 cm)" W x 89.25 in (226.5 cm)" L[2] 50 in (127 cm)" H x 49 in (119 cm)" W x 93 in (236 cm)" L[3] 39.5 in (100 cm)" H x 49 in (125 cm)" W x 90.75 in (230 cm)" L[4]
[1] Tractor only. [2] Tractor with C42 deck. [3] Tractor with C48 deck. [4] Tractor with M48 deck.
Gasoline (unleaded - 87 octane; 10% ethanol maximum)
Command Pro® CH620
Max Power
19 HP @ 3600 RPM
Max Torque
35 ft-lbs
674 cc (41.1 cu. in.)
Fuel Capacity
4 gal (15.1 liter)
Cooling System
12V, 35AH, 300CCA
Charging Output
15 Amp DC (Regulated)
Charging System
Flywheel Alternator
Transmission Release by Manual Dump Valve
Hand Lever Control, Individual Wheel
Parking Brake
Mechanical Pin Lock in Transmission Gear
Forward MPH (km/h)
0-6.5 MPH (0-10.5 km/h) Infinitely Variable
Eaton Model 7 transmission with ductile cast iron final drive, Dual Hydrostatic; each wheel independently driven
Forward Speed Control
Precision Friction Lock Lever, Cruise Control, with Neutral-Park Position
blade drive
PTO Shaft
Quick Disconnect Splined Shaft with two high speed U-joints
Blade Drive Clutch And Brake
Manual Belt Tightener Clutch and Band Brake
grass handling
10.5 in diameter, Three-Blade Paddle Wheel
Oscillating Delivery Spout Driven by 12 Volt Electric
Full Signal
Grass-Pak® full signal alerts operator when catcher box is full
Max. Blower RPM
4000 RPM
Grass Catcher Capacity
65 Gal / 7.0 Bu / 246 L
Cutting Height
1 to 4 in (2.5 to 10 cm) or 1.5 to 4.5 in (4 to 11.5 cm) (DS52 and DS62 Belt Driven SD Decks Only)
Deck Suspension
Independent Torsion-Flex Frame with Caster Wheels and Counterweight Springs
Recommended Cut Width
Collection: 36 to 48 in. (91 to 122 cm), Side Discharge: 36 to 62 in. (91 to 157 cm), Mulch: 36 to 52 in. (91 to 132 cm)
18 x 8.50-10 (Pneumatic 4-Ply)
13 x 6.50-6
Deck Caster
8 x 3.00-4 Semi-Pneumatic (Standard) 8 x 3.00-4 Pneumatic 4-Ply (Optional)
size and weight


  • Tractor Only: 64.5 in (164 cm)
  • Tractor with  C42 deck: 89.25 in (226.5 cm)
  • Tractor with deck tilted: 77 in (196 cm)
  • Tractor wheel base: 42.25 in (107 cm)


  • Tractor Only (Outside Tire): 37.75 in (96 cm)
  • Tractor with C42 deck: 43.25 in (110 cm)


  • Tractor: 47.5 in (121 cm)


  • Tractor Only: 734 lbs (333 kg)
  • Tractor with C42 deck: 925 lbs (419.5 kg)
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